Present Status

KUTC presently stands at a stage where it has achieved the following targets followed by project’s salient features:-

  • All Social, Environmental and Engineering studies / requirements as per guidelines of JICA, World Bank & Asian Development Bank (including about 45preconditions of JICA) for negotiation of loan have been completed.
  • In September 2009 ECNEC approved the Project at an estimated cost of US$1.558 Billion (Rs.128.6 Billion @ Rs.82.50=1US$)
  • Subsequently updated detailed Feasibility Study has been carried out by the experts of JICA estimating the cost of the Project to US$2.609 Billion.
  • To Nurture innovative technologies and other railway related technologies to improve revenues and to enhance safety for Railways.
  • As per directives of Planning Commission, 3rd Party Validation of the Feasibility Study of JICA experts has been carried out by M/s. Louis Berger USA concurring overall concept and planning with minor recommendations for revisit at detailed design stage
  • Since the closure of KCR in 1999, about 20% of the KCR Right of Way has been encroached by squatters who have to be relocated at the Resettlement Site for which land has been allocated by the Ministry of Railways to KUTC.
  • Detailed Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Study of the squatters has been prepared inconformity with the guidelines of World Bank, Asian Development Bank, JICA, IFC etc. with exhaustive interaction and consent of the PAPs.
  • The Compensation Plan for the PAPs comprises of a constructed house of 80 sq. yds. at the Resettlement Site and Cash Compensation of Rs.50,000/- for each household and provision of all infrastructure facilities viz roads, gas, electricity, water supply, sewerage, treatment plants, schools, hospitals, vocational training centers etc.