Message of Managing Director

Mr.Syed Mazhar Ali Shah
Managing Director

The number of vehicular trips on road system goes up as cities grow in size. A pragmatic policy shift is needed to discourage private modes and encourage public transport once the level of traffic along any travel corridor in one direction exceeds. In developed countries, planning for mass transit system starts when city population size exceeds 1 million; the system is in position by the time the city population is 2 to 3 million and once the population exceeds 4 million or so, planned extensions to the Mass Rapid Transit Systems is vigorously taken up. In developing countries including Pakistan, because of paucity of funds planning and implementation of rail based Mass Rapid Transit Systems has been lagging far behind the requirements. The city of Karachi has experienced phenomenal growth in population in the last few decades.

Today the traffic on roads of Karachi is a heterogeneous mix of motor cycles, scooters, buses, cars and rickshaws jostling with each other. A chaotic situation is being experienced so much so the average number of persons killed per day has increased due to road accidents.

The Rail assets are not presently fully being utilized as its share of commuter traffic is less than the required share.

The Government of Pakistan and the Government of Sindh, in partnership have set up a company named Karachi Urban Transport Corporation under the Companies Act so that the situation could be rectified.

The citizens would eagerly welcome introduction of people friendly Rail Transport System though they may initially face some difficulties during the implementation phase.