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Ministerial Committee formed for Mitigating the issues facing Revival of KCR Project

December 9, 2013

In accordance with the decision of the Sindh Cabinet meeting held on December 9, 2013, Ministerial Committee was constituted to discuss the issues related to Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Project. The committee formed comprises of the following Provincial Ministers:

  1. Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Senior Minister                                     Chairman
  2. Mr. Mumtaz Jakharani, Minister for Transport, GoS                    Member
  3. Mr. Makhdoom Jamiluzzaman, Minister for Revenue                 Member

A briefing cum meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khoro, Senior Minister Government of Sindh to discuss the issues facing the Revival of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) Project especially the issue of the encroachments on Railways Land on the RoW of KCR.

The Senior Minister said that the Karachi Circular Railway Project is very important for the citizens of Karachi. As the population of Karachi is around 20 million, the increase in traffic is becoming a big problem for the commuters. Due to extreme traffic congestion, the day to day work is badly affected and the various bottle necks thus created result in huge traffic jams on the roads of the city. Therefore, implementation of the Revival of KCR Project should be done on top priority. However, the resettlement of encroachers on the RoW of KCR has to be addressed in right earnest. He further said that in the past we have faced problems in Lyari Expressway Project due to resettlement issues and for KCR Project first we have to know the encroached areas.

Pending Issues with GoS

The Senior Minister stated that the decision has been made at the Cabinet meeting for the exemption of all taxes and levies from the Revival of KCR Project and notification to this effect will be issued shortly and will be conveyed to EAD and other related offices for onward transmission to DONOR agency.

The MD KUTC informed that the work of demarcation of land has been completed jointly with Pakistan Railways and BOR, GOS.Demarcation plans pending for Signatures of Mukhtiarkar, Bin Qasim.BOR has cancelled the allotments of the builder. He discussed in details the issues of clearance of encroachments and demarcation of Resettlement site, Land between Lyari andBaldia Station, 3.5 acres of Land is required for Electric substation between Lyari and Baldia Station, Land Required at Karsaz, Land Required at Nazimabad No. 7,

MD KUTC briefed about the encroachments on KCR RoW and showed pictures of different locations where encroachments are present on KCR RoW.

The Managing Director KUTC briefed the Chairman about the Revival of KCR Project through a detailed presentation that since the KCR Project has Right of Way available approved by Planning Commission, institutional setup in place (KUTC), therefore, it is a Priority Project. MD KUTC further explained the followingdetails of KCR Project like:

KCR as the most matured Project, KCR Funding, Stage-wise construction for KCR (Southern and Northern Portion), Salient features of KCR Project, Proposed KCR Stations, Time Reduction effect and Mandatory requirements of JICA and its fulfillment