EIA Report

Socio-Economic Impact Analysis

The survey carried out during the preparation of EIA study revealed that the land owned by the Pakistan Railway has been encroached illegally. People started living there after the KCR operations ceased. They started using the land of KCR as a waste dumping site.

They illegally built multiple storey buildings and started living there. It is obvious that at the time of start of civil construction work for KCR, the removal of all illegal structures will be important. The people living there will have to be resettled at the pre-construction stage. For this purpose a proper Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Framework has to be designed for the resettlement of all the affected persons.

As mentioned above, there is a plan of KCR extension towards airport. It is therefore obvious that the people living there are all title holders and they have to be compensated as well.

The detail of the Resettlement Policy Framework is discussed in detail in EIA report.