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We value our staff at KUTC and want to ensure that we employ the best people. We look for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a very successful and rapidly growing organization.

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Position: Hiring of Corporate and Tax Consultant.

Hiring of Corporate and Tax Consultant..:

Scope of work::

  • (A) Corporate Consultant. (SECP)

  • Providing legal opinion / endorsement / recommendation on day to day business affairs of the company under companies Act 2017 and under the other enabling Law of the country.
  • Ensure compliance of the companies Act 2017 and all other relevant Laws.
  • Ensure filing of legal documents like Annual Accounts, Annual Returns, statement of companies and other documents required by the Law.
  • Advise on various matters relating to corporate and secretarial affairs.
  • Replies to the legal notices received by the company as and under when required basis.

(B) Tax Consultant: (FBR)

  • Preparation and e-filing of Annual Income Tax Returns as required to the Law.
  • Preparation and e-filing of withholding tax (WHT) statements Monthly / Quarterly / Annually.
  • Timely feedback and opinions on the changes in rates and other provisions applicable and emended time to time in the Tax laws in Pakistan.
  • Finalization / arranging tax assessment orders, appeals, tax refunds and representation to explain company’s position whenever required.
  • Services for dealing with Tax Authorities for replying to any query / notices to the Tax Authorities.

Posted Date

12th May 2019.

Last Date

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To timely provide accurate financial information to the management / stakeholder while maintaining the financial discipline / control and systems to safeguard/protect the company with the aim to positively benefit the company’s goals.


  • To manage a company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems and ensuring timely reporting in accordance with the international financial reporting standards, local corporate laws and directives of regulatory authorities.
  • To provide financial advice and support to colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions.
  • To establish and maintain system /procedures for business/projects.
  • To establish system and procedures for ensuring financial and business control.
  • To ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements relating to corporate / taxation.
  • To plan short term / long term business / budgetary planning.
  • To monitor and interpret cash flow and predict future trends.
  • To collate, prepare, and interpret reports and budgets.
  • To manage financial business risk.
  • To conduct reviews evaluations for improving efficiency and cost-reduction.
  • To manage relationships with auditors, solicitors, lawyers, bankers and statutory authorities for smooth business operations.

Required Skills

  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Self initiative and commercial awareness.
  • Ability to manage and work as part of a team.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Understanding of IT/business system/processors.

Education and Qualifications



Minimum 5 years.

Posted Date

21 NOVEMBER 2014.

Last Date

01 DECEMBER 2014

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Land Revenue Expert:

Karachi urban Transport Corporation working on a mega project of Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) is looking for part time services of ‘Land Revenue Expert“, who should be well conversant with Revenue matters and having experience of more than 10 years

The expert should also have a knowledge of all the revenue laws including Land Acquisition Act etc and can give the expert opinion on Court Cases related with Land.

The position is part time as retainer and preference will be given to retired revenue officer.

The prospective Candidates should appear for interview along with CV and supporting documents on Monday 1st December 2014 on 3:00 PM at KUTC Office (53-B Rest Camp Road near Railway Hasan Hospital Karachi Cantt).

Posted Date

14 NOVEMBER 2014.

Last Date

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Last Date

23rd July 2014

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